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November 5th, 2009 (03:32 pm)

I had a dehydrator so now i can have more fun with raw food! I spent nearly 10 days all raw now and i'm feeling really good. I don't say that i'm never going to eat cooked food again, because there's a lot of vegan food that is not raw and that i like a lot. But for now i'm really excited about the food i ate lately...

For breakfast, i love having this kind of parfait. I made a cream of macadamia with coconut and pears, a mango coulis with mangos and agave and then i added layers of fresh fruits and sprouted cereals ( buckwheat, lentils, millet and sunflower ) sweetened with just a little bit of agave.

I made my first home made raw pizza! I had some coriander pesto that i made for another recipe so i used it for the crust with some buckwheat and flax seeds so it was a pesto pizza. That was really good. And i added some sprouts with sesame oil and slices of apple that i dehydrated.

That is a really great experience. I tried a recipe from the book Raw food, real world. That does not look good, ( not like in the book! ) but the taste was truly amazing. I made those rings out of mushroom caps, that i placed them in olive oil and lemon juice for a while and then i tossed them in a mix of flax flour, minced herbs, cayenne and chili spices. You need to put them 2-3 hours in the dehydrator so they become crispy.

Really unique taste. I recommand you to try this, its easy and unexpensive. I also made a sundried tomato sauce with that and the drink you see is freshly juiced pineapple with some coconut milk.

That is really simple, but had been one of my favorite snacks lately : home made raw crackers with flax seeds, onions, carrots, celery, spinach, fenugreek, spirulina, tumeric, fennel and kelp with tomato and avocado, and some dried fruits. I used cranberries this time.

And finally, some dessert! It is a mini pie made out of nuts and dates,  filled with peaches, cashew cream with anise, and a maple coulis.

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October 29th, 2009 (05:47 pm)

I didnt had time to do exciting food lately but i'll find some soon... I just want to update with some simple things...

Home made 3 beans tarragon chili with and mixed greens

Rice vermicelli with lemon-agave marinated tofu, veggies, mushrooms and hemp seeds

Raw spicy pumpkin pie with coconut flakes

I'm having a lot of fresh juices and here's my favorite at this moment : Beet, strawberry, cranberry and rhubarb

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September 30th, 2009 (03:51 pm)

Just some home-made food from the last days...

That is something i like to begin my day with. Goji-chocolate shake, made with a banana, dates, almond milk, goji berries and raw cocoa. Cocoa nibs and goji on top!

Just a simple plate i had for lunch, salad with pumpkin seeds and cranberries, and golden flax crackers with walnut-kalamata spread

And a raw cake! Raspberry-white chocolate =) I was out of nuts for the crust so i used Ezekiel cereals. That was good!

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September 24th, 2009 (06:27 pm)

Ok now it's time for Kingston and Ottawa.

Only one place in Kingston, called Lotus-heart blossom, good service and good food...
I had this yummy kiwi-mint-coconut milk shake

My boyfriend had a pineapple-coconut milk shake

Then we both had the same thing. Apetizer of spicy dim sums with a fruit chutney

We tried the veggie burger!

And the only vegan dessert they had came with a raspberry soy gelato and i was surprised by the presentation... i felt like it was my birthday

Ok, Ottawa now... First place we tried was Perfection satisfaction promise. We had lemonades and i ordered a salad ...

And we had baked potatoes mixed with tamari marinated tofu

Lemon-poppy seed cake!

We went to the Table, it is a buffet and we tried many vegan desserts but the pictures were not good. Here's the plate my boyfriend had ( mine was similar but not as full... )

Another buffet, called The green door, still a lot of desserts but no pictures, and this time it's my plate

At Peace Garden cafe, a lovely place in a mall, we tried the peanut butter chocolate square and something that looks like a samosas, i can't remember the name...

And we had... a fresh squeeze vegetable juice and a rose-mango smoothie

Green earth restaurant. I had a fresh carrot-ginger juice and my boyfriend had soymilk

We shared this salad with greens, avocados, strawberries, grapes and apples

I had the veggie brochette, it tasted like it was on the bbq. I'm not usually a big fan of meat imitations, but sometimes i'm curious to taste them and this one was good

My boyfriend had the House special rotisserie plate

Dessert, oh oui! i had the choco-almond with vegan vanilla ice cream

My boyfriend had the vegan cheesecake

We went to Gatineau, in the state of Quebec, there is one veggie place there, called Cafe Gaia, it was really nice...
I had a big salad with tofu, sunflower seeds, sprouts and figs ( i LOVE figs )

My boyfriend had veggies and rice on a peanut sauce with a side salad

And we shared what they had as vegan sweets, one date square and a cranberry oat cookie

Zen kitchen was a great restaurant, really. The service was impeccable. We started with a side of endamames with lime juice and pink Himalayan salt. Then, they brought us, as a welcome gift,  some lettuce wraps with cabbage and i don't know what, and home made bread with an organic cold pressed oil. No pics. But it was nice.
I had the seitan scalopines, it was topped with a tomato sauce and some seasonal veggies, and there was some olive tapenade and a big caper...

My boyfriend had the mizuna-scape pesto stuffed raviolis with a truffle mushroom cream. Too bad this pic can't show how good this was...

We had a blueberry-lemon pie

And a coffee creme brulee!

That was all perfect...

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I'm back!

September 24th, 2009 (05:10 pm)

I havent post in a long time but i've been out of my home for a while! I was in Toronto with my boyfriend for the vegetarian food fair but we stayed there some time, before and after, and we went in other places in Ontario too, to visit places and people. We had fun. We went to eat in some vegan restaurants in Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa and of course, i have a LOT of pictures now that i'm back. I won't post them all... but i still have around... 50 to post!

I'll start with Toronto...

First we went to Live. I had a big bowl of salad with greens, avocados, seeds, marinated tofu and black beans and a green juice with dandelion and lemon and a shot of E3 live

My boyfriend had the tempeh crab cakes

And we had this amazing raw black forest cake

At Fresh, we both had the corn bread, salad and soup combo and the shake we chose was one of the best we had during the trip. It was something like banana, almond, dates and maple syrup. Yum.

We were walking around and we discovered a place called LPK culinary groove. The girl who owns the store let us in even if it was closed and we saw that they have lots and lots of vegan and raw sweets! We tried the orange and salted caramel cake and the nanaimo bar. So sad that place is 12 hours of road from where i live. Those were soooo good...

Vegetarian haven : We first had fresh juices. I had the carrot-apple-lemon and my boyfriend had the beet and... i can't remember what else....

I had the Hawain plate, with rice, tofu, vegetables and pineapples

My boyfriend had the daily special, those square where made out of sweet potato, and it was really good. And there was a soup too, a creamy mushroom soup with walnuts on top. No pics but i remember it...

Dessert, of course : i had the vegan chocolate cake with soy vanilla ice cream

And my boyfriend chose the banana split with soy chocolate ice cream and soy vanilla almond ice cream

We stopped at Urban Herbivore. I had a salad loaded with BBQ tofu and other good things and my boyfriend had a big sandwich with a lot of veggies, sprouts, lemon tahini, pesto, olive tapenade and... well, that was good! And we had lemonades, mine was lemon pineapple and my boyfriend had the cranberry one!

We found vegan cupcakes at the Blue banana market...

We also went to Hibiscus and i would have loved to eat there a full meal, but we only tried the vegan crepes with ice cream because we had another plan for dinner so it was more like a...snack!
Soy ice creams were green tea and ginger!

Fressen : expensive, but really good. According to some reviews i read, it looks like we were lucky to have a good service ; everyone was nice and that was quick...
We had those rum cocktails, made with real fresh juices one was with pineapple and i don't remember what and the other one was pomegranate and cranberry i think

Apetizer was some sweet potato tartelettes

I felt like having pastas, a meal that i really don't have often but i wanted to try theirs. They were flax pastas and the sauce was delicious

My boyfriend had the beer battered tofu

And the dessert, there was only one choice, ok, but... seriously... Raw avocado-chocolate-walnut cake with cashew cream mousse ( we don't see it on the pic, it was between the cake and the pineapple... )


Rawlicious : sadly we were not a lot hungry due to our last dinner at Fressen... we were still kinda full... But i liked what i had, i ordered a simple salad with greens, olives, black currants and hemp seeds and the Mono Blanco smoothie

My boyfriend had the taco wrap, with guacamole, tomatoes, salsa, nut cheese and
lother good things...

Couldn't resist dessert... I had the raw ice cream : vanilla with cacao nibs and chocolate sauce

Boyfriend had the raw moka pie...

I'll have to try making this one at home!

So that's all for Toronto! Next post is about Kingston and Ottawa!

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July 13th, 2009 (05:31 pm)

I made a vegan tiramisu!

I'm really proud, because it does taste really really good. I'll invite a lot of people to taste it because it's a success and i wanna show off a little bit =) I made vegan cookies, from a really simple recipe and i dripped them into a mix of coffee and amaretto, and i made three layers of them covered with a cream that i made with soy cream, vegan margarine, cane sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice, a bit of cinnamon and vanilla.

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July 11th, 2009 (09:20 pm)

A really simple plate that i shared with my boyfriend

Tofu fries, made with tamari and red star yeast, and a green smoothie that i made with spinach, fresh squeezed orange juice, kiwi and pineapple

I also ate, again, at Café Babylone. I go there often, because there's a lot of shows, art exhibits and this time it was a tango evening so it was really fun. It's very vegan friendly, it's 45 seconds from where i live, the owner knows us well, and everyone there know that we're vegans, so i love this place =)
I was not a lot hungry so i had a small plate of grapefruit and avocado with sesame seeds, and a mix of olives, herbs and pink peppercorns and i drank an organic raspberry leaves herbal tea

My boyfriend had a Belle verte, and what i like about it is that it's never the same exact plate. I posted the one i ordered about a month ago here and this one is a little different. Some items are the same but some others change. I like it


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July 8th, 2009 (10:21 pm)

I went, with friends, to a restaurant called Le bonnet d'âne, and since it's not a vegan restaurant at all, i chose the only option!

And i had a sangria! Only red wine, orange juice and sparkling water, no sugar added =)

I ate a veggie pate club sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and black olives, with a garden salad and some french fries

It was good!

And since they don't make vegan desserts, i had a slice of the raw pie that i made yesterday. It's only made out of raw blended fruits so it could be a snack more than a dessert. Or even a breakfast =) It's a kiwi-pineapple-strawberry-date filling on a coconut crust


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July 7th, 2009 (06:51 pm)

So i made some raw food, again... =)

Lettuce wraps with a nut spread made out of walnuts, onions, carrots, olives, basil. Flax crackers with almond butter,  apple slices and raisins

Spaghetti squash raw pastas! With cubed tomatoes, lemon juice, pepper, flax seeds, tarragon and spicy nut balls made out of walnuts, sprouted buckwheat, onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, chili spices

And a big choco-mint cookie for dessert!


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July 5th, 2009 (10:59 pm)

In Montreal, we also went to Crudessence, a raw vegan restaurant where everything tastes like heaven.

I had a kale, banana, mint, cayenne and almond milk smoothie and my boyfriend had a cacao, maca, banana and almond milk smoothie

We shared this plate = Endives, cucumbers, mango, peppers, lettuce with macadamia sour cream

I had a pizza-pasta combo. Raw zucchini pastas with marinara sauce, olive crust pizza with sundried tomatoes sauce, cashew cheese, mushrooms, vegetables, topped with nut parmesan, a garden salad and some sprouts

My boyfriend chose the lasagna. Rich layers of zucchinis, tomatoes, cashew cheese, sunflower spread topped with nut parmesan, a garden salad, sprouts and a carrot and jicama slaw

And we had fun trying desserts, that we shared. We first had a fruit cake

Then we tried the choco-banana pie

And i had to taste their avocado-lime pie because i wanted to compare with mine!

Good news, the taste was exactly the same. However, the texture was different. This one was much more creamier than mine. I do have a cheap blender so i know it can make a difference, even with smoothies. So now i know that i really need to buy a good blender soon!


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