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July 11th, 2009 (09:20 pm)

A really simple plate that i shared with my boyfriend

Tofu fries, made with tamari and red star yeast, and a green smoothie that i made with spinach, fresh squeezed orange juice, kiwi and pineapple

I also ate, again, at Café Babylone. I go there often, because there's a lot of shows, art exhibits and this time it was a tango evening so it was really fun. It's very vegan friendly, it's 45 seconds from where i live, the owner knows us well, and everyone there know that we're vegans, so i love this place =)
I was not a lot hungry so i had a small plate of grapefruit and avocado with sesame seeds, and a mix of olives, herbs and pink peppercorns and i drank an organic raspberry leaves herbal tea

My boyfriend had a Belle verte, and what i like about it is that it's never the same exact plate. I posted the one i ordered about a month ago here and this one is a little different. Some items are the same but some others change. I like it