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November 5th, 2009 (03:32 pm)

I had a dehydrator so now i can have more fun with raw food! I spent nearly 10 days all raw now and i'm feeling really good. I don't say that i'm never going to eat cooked food again, because there's a lot of vegan food that is not raw and that i like a lot. But for now i'm really excited about the food i ate lately...

For breakfast, i love having this kind of parfait. I made a cream of macadamia with coconut and pears, a mango coulis with mangos and agave and then i added layers of fresh fruits and sprouted cereals ( buckwheat, lentils, millet and sunflower ) sweetened with just a little bit of agave.

I made my first home made raw pizza! I had some coriander pesto that i made for another recipe so i used it for the crust with some buckwheat and flax seeds so it was a pesto pizza. That was really good. And i added some sprouts with sesame oil and slices of apple that i dehydrated.

That is a really great experience. I tried a recipe from the book Raw food, real world. That does not look good, ( not like in the book! ) but the taste was truly amazing. I made those rings out of mushroom caps, that i placed them in olive oil and lemon juice for a while and then i tossed them in a mix of flax flour, minced herbs, cayenne and chili spices. You need to put them 2-3 hours in the dehydrator so they become crispy.

Really unique taste. I recommand you to try this, its easy and unexpensive. I also made a sundried tomato sauce with that and the drink you see is freshly juiced pineapple with some coconut milk.

That is really simple, but had been one of my favorite snacks lately : home made raw crackers with flax seeds, onions, carrots, celery, spinach, fenugreek, spirulina, tumeric, fennel and kelp with tomato and avocado, and some dried fruits. I used cranberries this time.

And finally, some dessert! It is a mini pie made out of nuts and dates,  filled with peaches, cashew cream with anise, and a maple coulis.


Posted by: Softie (dudewhatthefuuu)
Posted at: November 5th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)

You really ought to post in raw_veganism or veganfoodpics! All your food looks abso-fucking-lutely amazing!!

Posted by: jedzenfoodblog (jedzenfoodblog)
Posted at: November 5th, 2009 11:04 pm (UTC)

thank you so much!!!
i love to post there but i always forget thank you for reminding me! i posted on veganfoodpics now =)

Posted by: divinemiss_em (divinemiss_em)
Posted at: November 9th, 2009 01:30 pm (UTC)

I love my dehydrator soooo much! Raw pizzas are my favorite. I don´t think I would stick to eating raw to the extent that I do if I hadn´t discovered the love that is raw pizza.

You seem to juice a lot- one thing that I have discovered as being really great is to use the veg pulp in veggie crackers and fruit pulp in cookies.

Those mushrooms look AMAZING and your dessert is plated so gorgeously!!

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