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jedzenfoodblog [userpic]

September 24th, 2009 (06:27 pm)

Ok now it's time for Kingston and Ottawa.

Only one place in Kingston, called Lotus-heart blossom, good service and good food...
I had this yummy kiwi-mint-coconut milk shake

My boyfriend had a pineapple-coconut milk shake

Then we both had the same thing. Apetizer of spicy dim sums with a fruit chutney

We tried the veggie burger!

And the only vegan dessert they had came with a raspberry soy gelato and i was surprised by the presentation... i felt like it was my birthday

Ok, Ottawa now... First place we tried was Perfection satisfaction promise. We had lemonades and i ordered a salad ...

And we had baked potatoes mixed with tamari marinated tofu

Lemon-poppy seed cake!

We went to the Table, it is a buffet and we tried many vegan desserts but the pictures were not good. Here's the plate my boyfriend had ( mine was similar but not as full... )

Another buffet, called The green door, still a lot of desserts but no pictures, and this time it's my plate

At Peace Garden cafe, a lovely place in a mall, we tried the peanut butter chocolate square and something that looks like a samosas, i can't remember the name...

And we had... a fresh squeeze vegetable juice and a rose-mango smoothie

Green earth restaurant. I had a fresh carrot-ginger juice and my boyfriend had soymilk

We shared this salad with greens, avocados, strawberries, grapes and apples

I had the veggie brochette, it tasted like it was on the bbq. I'm not usually a big fan of meat imitations, but sometimes i'm curious to taste them and this one was good

My boyfriend had the House special rotisserie plate

Dessert, oh oui! i had the choco-almond with vegan vanilla ice cream

My boyfriend had the vegan cheesecake

We went to Gatineau, in the state of Quebec, there is one veggie place there, called Cafe Gaia, it was really nice...
I had a big salad with tofu, sunflower seeds, sprouts and figs ( i LOVE figs )

My boyfriend had veggies and rice on a peanut sauce with a side salad

And we shared what they had as vegan sweets, one date square and a cranberry oat cookie

Zen kitchen was a great restaurant, really. The service was impeccable. We started with a side of endamames with lime juice and pink Himalayan salt. Then, they brought us, as a welcome gift,  some lettuce wraps with cabbage and i don't know what, and home made bread with an organic cold pressed oil. No pics. But it was nice.
I had the seitan scalopines, it was topped with a tomato sauce and some seasonal veggies, and there was some olive tapenade and a big caper...

My boyfriend had the mizuna-scape pesto stuffed raviolis with a truffle mushroom cream. Too bad this pic can't show how good this was...

We had a blueberry-lemon pie

And a coffee creme brulee!

That was all perfect...


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Posted by: jedzenfoodblog (jedzenfoodblog)
Posted at: September 29th, 2009 01:50 pm (UTC)

oh, well, yes, it was a little bit expensive, especially Zen kitchen. But worth it!

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